Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back!


Sorry for the delay in posting. Got busy and also decided to create a logo for the blog and my youtube site. I should be adding more changes throughout the rest of this week and weekend. Still getting the hang of customizing the blog layout, etc. Hope to make it look good.

I will add a new question of the week on Monday and there will be a new one each Monday. I will also post more often in connection with my youtube video posts.

Thanks for your patience as I get started. Hope if you are just checking this out, stick with me over the next two weeks and I will get this blog rolling.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Question of the Week

Here is a question that I think will start off a great debate.

Does the Internet connect us or disconnect us?

Share your opinion.

Welcome to CodeGirl101

Hi all,

So welcome to my new blog! I am a website designer and trying to connect with my fellow design/tech nerds. I hope to use this blog, along with its companion YouTube Channel (still working on content for that - will update you when its launched) to connect, discuss, share, teach, learn, and have fun with the topic of technology. Pretty much any topic remotely related is great. Please share with me the newest trends, cool stuff you want to discuss, tech issues you need help with, etc. I was also a media tools instructional assistant in college so I am happy to help with tech questions if I can.

I will post one major topic a week to get the discussion flowing.

Okay that's it for the welcome post. Nice to meet you interwebs!

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